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[Chú ý: Đây là hướng dẫn tiếng anh, để đọc hướng dẫn tiếng việt thì nhấp vào đây]
This is a basic tutorial for newbies. Help you better understand what to do at the beginning of the game.

0: Weaver Farm
At the beginning of the game, farming them is very important to help you have more Gold/Lumber/Item.

Use the Move Gate to get there, then click on map 1 to go it!

When farm Weaver, you will be rewarded with some items. Please go to the nearby shop to exchange. For example, Stick 1 can exchange 13 Lumber. Random Box will get random items.

1: Take Lumber
Please go to the location indicated in the image below to go to the "Lumber area"

Then pick up the Lumber (only can be pick up a one)

Then go to the shop and sell it.

2: Take Water
First you go to the NPC "Blake" to buy an empty water bottle

There 3 bottle that you can choose
Bottle #3 is the most rewarded gold.
Similar to the quest Take Lumber, Go to the location where the image pointed

Then go to the waterfall like the image above to fill the water bottle.
Finally, return to the NPC "Blake" to return the water bottle, and you will complete the quest, rewarded the money bag.

3: Solo Quest

These are solo missions that are familiar to you from the original X Hero.
- With the quest of Guide 1, no bear (Spirit Wild) will be used to assist. Therefore you have to complete by yourself. I suggest you buy a few equipment with Dame to become stronger than your "images" in this quest.
If you play with Easy/Normal mode, you can completely solo "no weapon" right from the beginning of the game without any support outside the potions.
- With the quest of Guide 2, I suggest you buy item Cleaving Sword with melee hero so you can easily kill them all. You will then be rewarded with "White Key" with more than 100 lumber from killing the images. (White Key to open the gate next to the NPC "Blake").
• When you open the White Key Gate soon, you will be able to hunt the Daily Boss faster, which in turn can bring more lumber for you and your teammates.
• A new NPC Quest will appear to pick up Rocks when you open the gate with the White Key.
* Or you can buy the White Key in the shop for 100 lumber.

4: Take Rocks Quest
First, use the White Key to open the doors, then the NPC Golem will automatically appear.

Next, buy a bag to store the Rocks.

Left click on the Rocks Bag, then left click on the Rocks to pick it up.

Then return to the NPC Golem to receive the reward.

5: Miniboss Quest

In Guide 3 you will enter the Spirit Beast, only fight when you are relatively strong. For example, you have item Skeletal Hand and Mask of Death.
As for Guide 4, it is not too difficult because Frost Infernal has a slow attack speed.

After killing the Frost Infernal miniboss, the miniboss will drop an item such as Sheep, Pig. Just pick them up and go near NPC Warlock and you will be rewarded with Gold and Lumber.

6: Which item should be purchased at the beginning of the game?

All pair item are in the map. To pair basic items, click on the "Yellow" and "White" books for instructions. and the more advanced items, the way to pair them in the next shop.
- Item suggest when beginning game:
Skeletal Hand
Function: 2000 Dame, 40% Crit x2 dame, 10.000 HP.
Evaluate: This is a cheap item, the effective it brings is very good. When increasing dame and crit, more important is HP. Help you fend off bosses from Next Wave better.
Cleaving Sword
Function: Cleaving attack. If paired to a higher level, it also adds dame and hit cleaving attack is higher %.
Evaluate: An extremely important item that helps you defend your castle and farm better.
Function: 5000 Dame and +100% Dame for hero ranged (Depending on the level of the item).
Evaluate: An extremely important item for ranged heroes, when Cleaving Sword cannot be used.
Mask of Death
Function: Life steal 14%.
Evaluate: If you don't have Life steal, you'll die when defending Next Wave!

These are basic guidelines, so there won't be advanced. Please find out more when you experience the map!

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  1. Well yeah...How I can get the translated map of Anime X hero 3.6 Version. Its real hard but fun...But I barely understand anything if that is in Different Language. I am a huge fan of your Anime X Hero Map so Im requesting if you can translate the Map that I mentioned here. :))


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